Last copy of ‘Wooden Churches’ flies to São Paulo

Today I posted the last copy of ‘Wooden Churches – Travelling in the Russian North’ to Rua Vergueiro, São Paulo, Brazil.

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  1. MJR Says:

    Last copy of first edition, hopefully.

  2. Daryl Ann Hardman Says:

    Shame not to publish any more… I am sure there are still plenty of potential readers out there!

  3. Helen Tudor Says:

    Oh No! I was just about to order one…Went into the Russian Bookshop in Waterstones, but no luck there. I hope you consider reprinting…

  4. Richard Davies Says:

    Dear Helen – I do have approx 8 copies left where the fly sheet is slightly damaged – dented or scatched (they arrived in this condition from the printers and are still shrink wrapped) – the book is perfect – I can offer these with a signed print of the cover image thrown in if you are interested – best Richard

  5. Helen Tudor Says:

    Hi Richard…That’s FANTASTIC! THANKYOU so much. I would love to purchase one, even if it has slight imperfections. Please advise how you would like payment, and I will action immediately. Very generous offer of signed print too.That is so kind, I’m really THRILLED and grateful .
    I’m in Devon, please let me know p&p costs too.
    Much appreciated

  6. beth dunn Says:

    I’m so sorry to have missed out on a copy of your book in any shape/form. Can you tell me if there will be another edition published? Or if you have another copy damaged or otherwise, I would love to buy one.

    Thank you very much.

    Beth Dunn

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