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Helsinki exhibition

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Exhibition poster

10 March – 30 May 2010
Museum of Finnish Architecture
Kasarmikatu 24,
00130 Helsinki, Finland

David Sarkisyan 1947-2010

Monday, February 15th, 2010

I first met David Sarkisyan in Moscow in 2007. I was there with Matilda Moreton who has travelled with me on many of  my forays to the Russian North in search of wooden churches. By 2007 we felt we had enough images to put on an exhibition. Matilda rang the museum and spoke to David. ‘My name is Matilda, I am here in Moscow with a photographer taking photographs for Norman Foster, we have also been travelling in the north photographing wooden churches’  – David replied ‘Matilda, Norman Foster, Wooden Churches, that sounds interesting come over right away’.  The famous office took our breath away as did the man behind the desk with his energy and enthuiasm. An exhibition was offered and very gratefully accepted – we were shown the various spaces and of course immediately fell for the wonderful Ruina – it was all so simple. David was extraordinary – straightforward, honest, passionate, generous, and delightful. He did a great job for architecture in Russia.

Link to Clem Cecil’s appreciation of David published in The Times, 30 January 2010



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