Yuri Gagarin – time in space 1hr 48mins

“Yuri Gagarin really has given a headache to believers! He flew right through the heavenly mansions and did not run into anyone: neither the Almighty, nor Archangel Gabriel nor the angels of heaven. It seems, then that the sky is empty!”

Izvestia – editorial  23rd May 1961 – cited in Russian Society and the Orthodox Church : Religion in Russia after communisn – Zoe Knox published 2005 Routledge Curzon

The quote  from Izvestia led me to this short film on You Tube of Yuri Gargarin preparing to be launched into space on the 12th April 1961. He famously whistled the tune, composed by Shostakovich in 1951 to the words  Motherland hears…. written by Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky, while circling the earth.

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Motherland hears, Motherland knows,
Where in the clouds her son is flying.
Full of friendly caresses and tender love,
With eyes of ruby stars in the towers of Moscow,
The Kremlin towers, she watches you,
She watches you!

Motherland hears, Motherland knows,
That her son does not conquer easily,
But yet he shall, daring and true!
As you fight against fate,
Defend the great cause of peace,
The great cause of peace!

Motherland hears, Motherland knows,
What her son meets on the road.
As she moves the clouds and brightens the way,
Not even the black storm will stop her.
No matter what happens, be steadfast, Comrade,
Be steadfast, Comrade!


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    LOVE the music and your images x

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